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Welcome to Garden Blog Directory a compilation of great gardening blogs from around the world! Gardening is a pastime enjoyed by millions of people many are also passionate about writing or showcasing their success in the garden and that is what this directory is all about.

Garden Blog Directory is about organizing garden blogs and arranging them in easy to find system by subject or category. Each of these blogs will be checked manually before it is placed in the directory to ensure that they are properly classified and are suitable forĀ  inclusion in the directory.

This Directory is free to submit to there is no fee to have your blog listed here, with that being said there is a reciprocal link that we asked that you place on your site. This is not required but will increase awareness of the directory thus increasing the chances of more traffic to your site.

The hope is that this directory will be a useful resource and that you will use it often so without further delay click on Garden Blog Directory above and lets start exploring!

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